News in Shisha and Hookah February 12, 2021

We expand our varied assortment of bowls in Castillo de Shihas, adding to our sales catalog the

Glina cups.

Glina is a manufacturer of bowls of Russian origin specialized in the production of high quality bowls made of clay . The Glina Bowl manufacturing method is completely handmade , after passing each piece through the lathe, each bowl is manually marked with its logo.

The objective of these cups is to offer the best performance with a totally reliable product, resistant to heat and made by hand by a specialized brand with more than 10 years of experience.

Get now the new Glina Bowl Factory bowls

Get Now your Glina Bowl Factory bowls

The Bowls for Shiha Glina Bowl are characterized by their white clay phunnel type made by hand of very high quality and with various colors characteristic of the brand.

They are perfect for both boiled Virginia blonde and dark tobacco .

The materials with which these bowls are made ensure that the molasses does not overheat and it adapts perfectly to any type of Kaloud .

Its capacity ranges from 17 grams (for the short hookah session) to 30 grams (for the long session filling to the edges of the bowl).

News in Shisha and Hookah December 31, 2020

Thank you for being with us throughout this Year that is ending. Congratulations and prosperity for the new year 2021!

Discounted Christmas lots available in shishas

We hope that all your wishes are fulfilled.

News in Shisha and Hookah December 22, 2020

Castillo de Shishas wishes you a very happy Christmas Party!

You are the reason why we celebrate it.

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