Shishas Castle

is specialized in the hookah sector that was born in Spain in 2014. The hobby and experience in the world of shisha led to the opening of a local business in the center of the city of Logroño . We offer the best materials and the highest quality, together with a competitive price. Thus, in our catalog we have the best international products, in order to offer our customers a range of possibilities in terms of hookah smoking.


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We work with the best manufacturers such as: Kaya Shishas, Khalil Mamoon, El Nefes, Farida, Starbuzz ... and many more that are added to our stock periodically.

From our online page we offer hookahs throughout Spain ( including the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla ) a friendly service to place orders through a computer or mobile devices and receive it at your own home.

In our online store you can see an extensive catalog in which people without any knowledge can make their purchase, knowing at all times where they are and what is shown to them. Still, if you wish, our team can help you place your order online.

Another of the fields that we cover in this new stage is that of personalized budgets for businesses or purchases in quantity. We adjust to your needs and show you our best proposal.

It is now possible to get loyalty points, to qualify for discounts on your next purchases, we explain how it works.

Each time you make a purchase you will be assigned "Loyalty Points", depending on the amount of the purchase made.

At the time of purchase, you will be informed of the number of points that you are going to accumulate in your account.

For each euro of purchase , without taking into account the shipping costs, you will be assigned a loyalty point , as you can see in the following image:


Loyalty points



If you already have points in your account, you can redeem them when making your purchase: 20 loyalty points are equivalent to 1 euro , which you can use at any time.

When making the payment of your order, you can choose to use your loyalty points, getting the corresponding discount, or keep them and get more points, in the order you are placing.

If you have chosen to use your points, you will be informed of the points you are spending and the discount that is being applied to you. The discount will not be applied to shipping costs, see the following image:


Loyalty points


The remaining amount must be done in the usual way, through our payment options.

Castillo de Shishas
  • Pérez Galdós 59 - Logroño ES
  • +34 941 206 995
  • info@castillodeshishas.com
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