Big Bro Adalya bowl

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The new bowls of the BIG BRO family from the CACHIMBAS Y SHISHAS house are here, with the advice of ADALYA experts.

It is a bowl with a Phunnel-type system, which significantly increases smoking performance with minimal tobacco.

They are made of high quality black and white clay.

Altogether it has a great performance, good aesthetics and great durability and quality of the puff.

The BIG BRO bowl is handcrafted, therefore its appearance and measurements may vary slightly.

It stands out for the size of its tank, being wide, large diameter and shallow, which allows to use a small quantity and an excellent cooking of the tobacco, achieving long smokes with a quantity of smoke and loaded with flavor.

It is a bowl compatible with Kaloud and Provost .


  • Hand-made
  • Made in Barro and Negro.
  • Phunnel type
  • High durability
  • Excellent cooking of tobacco.
  • In red on white

Brand: Cachimbas y Shishas - ENCachimbas y Shishas - EN
Copa: 8.00 Base: 5.00 Interior Copa: 1.50 Interior Base: 2.50
Barro Blanco y Negro
Rojo y Blanco
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11,95 € each
No stock
11,95 € each
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11,95 € each
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11,95 € each
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11,95 € each
No stock
11,95 € each
No stock
Castillo de Shishas
  • Pérez Galdós 59 - Logroño ES
  • +34 941 206 995
  • info@castillodeshishas.com
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