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Amy 760R Crazy Dots Rainbow Black - Black

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The Crazy Dots model is the smallest and most transportable of the Amy Deluxe brand. With only 33 cm high it makes it very easy to take it to different places.

All metal parts are waterproof and corrosion resistant. This new model includes SILICONE hose with Aluminum Nozzle.

The Black Black model is a model with an exclusive design in terms of the design of its base, transparent with black tones and the body in matte black .

It includes:

  • Screw-in glass base
  • Metal body
  • Silicone hose with aluminum nozzle
  • Ash plate
  • Terracotta bowl
  • Tweezers and complete set of rubbers
The Rainbow models differ from the rest of the models by having multicolored glitters on the base that are not available in the rest of the models. The effects of this beautiful model may not be well appreciated in the product photo.
Brand: Amy Deluxe - ENAmy Deluxe - EN
Cristal, Aluminio y Metal
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