090.02R Falcon Pyrawood Black - Amy Deluxe

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We present you the new Pyrawood Black hookah from the new series of shishas, I wood U by Amy Deluxe .

In this case, the famous German brand Amy Deluxe includes several of its own systems, which significantly improve the performance and use of the shisha; This model includes Amy's KlickSistem system, which is its well-known click connection between the base and the neck: with a simple turn until you hear a click, the connection between the two is firmly fixed. This system improves the simplicity and speed in the use of the shisha. In addition to the KlickSistem, we find another peculiar feature of the Amy Deluxe brand, it is the KammerSystem , the air chamber is manufactured leaving 4 different compartments , thus creating a renewed flow in the smoke of the puff, since the smoke already used is not stored in the base. In this way we will always find the quality of fresh smoke in our puff. To finalize the improvements that Amy adds to her hookahs, we highlight her Amy Set Hot Screen system , which is a bowl system with an aluminum chimney that acts as a heat manager, which improves performance and quality in each drag.

The Middle Cloud R series can be considered a medium or medium shisha, since its height is 60 cm , without the size of this hookah affecting, at all, its performance.

In its design, as Amy always does, we are surprised by the quality of the detail and its deep and defined colors.

In this case, the 090.02R Falcon Pyrawood Black , shows its neck made of wood and a beautiful decoration in black .

It includes:

  • Middle Cloud Amy Deluxe Body
  • Base with KlickSystem
  • KammerSystem
  • Amy Set Hot Screen
  • Ash plate
  • Pliers and connecting rubbers
  • Silicone hose with Amy Deluxe mouthpiece


  • Height: 43 cm
  • Materials: Glass, Metal and Aluminum
  • Color: Black
Brand: Amy Deluxe - ENAmy Deluxe - EN
Cristal, Madera y Aluminio
Negro y Madera
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