Aryf Hookah Gloria 3 Transparent Iris

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The new high-level shisha brand, Aryf Hookah , created in 2016, continues to make its way among the highest-performance hookahs, as it shows us once again with its Gloria model that is already in version 3, it is this case we present the Gloria 3 Transparent Iris .

This version incorporates the design of the previous ones but adds a butterfly type plate , adding a touch of elegance, in this case we have replaced its original base with a premium, rounded , thick glass base, which offers adequate strength to changes in temperature. , which does not offer the original base.

Its V2A stainless steel neck and its base in iridescent glass give it a unique shine that characterizes them. A designer jewel with an inimitable style!

This hookah on a technical level is second to none, as it has a traditional chamber , an ingenious system that will allow you to completely empty the smoke contained in its base in just a few purges.

If you like to share your shishas with friends, the Gloria V3 has 4 hose outlets , to which are added 4 connectors and 4 hose adapters .

In addition, this excellent shisha adds a diffuser that you can adjust as you wish, to increase or decrease the bubbling, when adding or removing it from the dip tube.


  • Height: 57 cm
  • Color: Irised crystal, metal parts in diamond polished V2A steel.
  • Materials: Glass and V2A Stainless Steel
  • Closure: Traditional Thread
  • Plate: butterfly type with 6 sections
  • Neck: central with 6-fold cutting technology, divisible into 3 pieces, to adjust its height
  • Collect molasses: Possibility of insertion
  • V2A stainless steel with diamond polished finish
  • 11 '' base with traditional style closed chamber system with good bleed 

Content :

  • Butterfly type plate V3
  • 18.8 hose adapter
  • Neck divisible into three pieces
  • 29/2 closed chamber base
  • 4 x 18.8 glass hose adapter
  • 4 x V3 connectors
  • Dip tube in V3 steel
  • Removable V3 steel diffuser
  • Base in smooth transparent glass decorated
  • Board's game
Brand: Aryf Shishas - ENAryf Shishas - EN
Base: 23.00 Plato: 24.00
Acero inoxidable V2A y Cristal
Aluminio Pulido y Cristal Irisado
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