Amy 340R Little Zuri Red Rainbow - Black

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We are facing the Black Black hookah from the Little Zuri series made by the Amy Deluxe brand.

Amy Deluxe is one of the most recognized brands of hookahs, manufactured in Germany certain special characteristics differentiate them from the rest, such as, in addition to the good quality of their creations, their own system called "Set Amy Hot Screen" , which is a bowl system with aluminum chimney that acts as a heat manager, which improves performance and quality in each puff.

The Little Zuri series is already a reference for high-end compact hookahs in the market, denoting that they are one of the best series in this type of compact and transportable shisha, due to its small size, since its height is 40 cm.

Regarding its design, all its details have been well cared for, its colors are vivid and characteristic of the brand.

In this case, the 340 Little Zuri lear Rainbow by Amy deLuxe , has a gleaming black color on its body and white on the base, arranged in the latter as pleasant motifs that adorn it.

It includes:

  • Metal body
  • Screw-in glass base
  • Amy Hot Screen Set (Chimney + Bowl)
  • Amy Deluxe Aluminum Nozzle Silicone Hose
  • Ash plate
  • Pliers and connecting rubbers


  • Height: 40 cm
  • Materials: Glass and Aluminum
  • Color: Red and Black
Fabricantes: Amy Deluxe - ENAmy Deluxe - EN
Cristal, Metal y Aluminio
Rojo y Negro
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