Glina Alien Big Red Bowl

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Glina Alien Big Red Bowl, of Russian origin, is a bowl with a careful design and excellent finish, made with careful detail.

All of it is made of white clay, in this case we present the model with enamel coating in very colorful red tones.

It is a phunnel type bowl.

As it is made of white clay, we notice that in the smoke there is a noticeable increase in the intensity of the flavor.

The performance of this bowl is exceptional and very well balanced.

It is a very versatile bowl, we can put different types of heat managers, such as grill or Provost among others and even use it with aluminum foil.

It is perfect for smoking with dark tobacco.

At the time of preparation we have several options, we can do it to taste, it yields perfectly up to 25 grams , which is its maximum capacity.


Outer diameter: 8.00 cm
Height: 9.50 cm
Depth: about 1.4cm
Volume: about 20-25 g
Consumption: 12-17 gr.

Note: As it is made by hand, you may notice variations in measurements and appearance.

Fabricantes: Glina - ENGlina - EN
Exterior: 8.00 Interior: 7.20
Barro Blanco
Exterior: 5.00 Interior: 2.70
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