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The HC Cascade bowl   It is part of the new range of HC cups created exclusively in Spain by Hispacachimba (Made in Spain).

These bowls are designed by Hispacachimba and made by hand in clay by one of the best pottery craftsmen that exist in Spain .

The HC Cascade is a large phunnel type, suitable for any type of hookah. Its body is high and the head is wide, with an ideal tank for smokes of more than 2 people. The famous Kaloud Lotus accessory fits this bowl perfectly.

This bowl includes in its vortex an innovative and unique modification so far in any other range of bowls. It is a sheet of clay that passes through the vortex in the middle, imitating the famous "clip trick" , thus preventing it from being clogged by the aluminum foil during smoking.


  • Height: about 12 cm
  • Dish diameter: about 8 cm
  • Central hole diameter: about 2 cm

* Note: The bowls in the HC range are made and painted by hand, so each one is unique and no two are exactly alike. As they are made by hand, they may have irregularities in their shape due to the craftsmanship.

Fabricantes: Hispacachimba - ENHispacachimba - EN
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