Helium Bang Blue Pack Lot

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Helium Bang Blue Special Pack Lot.


Features of the Helium Bang bowl:

The bowl of the house Helium Small Bang is part of the range of bowls of Cachimba Planet, is a manufacturer of accessories for shishas located in Spain.

Among its products, its bowls stand out due to their materials (PURPLE DANZIG clay, a refractory clay thanks to its high content of chamotte) and its high performance, being classified as one of the best bowls in the country, manufactured in Spain.

  • "Better heat management"
  • "Greater flavor and density of smoke"
  • "Better cooking of tobacco"
  • "Longer duration of the smoke"
  • "Greater robustness and resistance to breakage"

The Helium Small Bang bowl is type Trypo and are made of purple clay (PURPLE DANZIG).

Due to its large capacity, its consumption is approximately 12 to 15 grams, being its excellent performance. It is ideal to share a smoke with friends.

They are compatible with Provost and aluminum foil. Being made with purple clay (PURPLE DANZIG), they withstand heat more and better, recommending use with 26mm coals such as Blackcoco or Kingcoco.


  • Consumption: 12-15 grams
  • Height: approximately 11.5 cm
  • Plate diameter: approximately 6.50 cm
  • Central hole diameter: 2.20 cm approximately

* Note: The measurements indicated here are approximate, being able to find differences in measurements of up to 0.5 cms.

Fabricantes: Helium Bowl - ENHelium Bowl - EN
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