Vaporesso Veco Solo Black

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Vaporesso Veco Solo kit is a high-quality starter kit, made from a stainless steel and zinc alloy. It has a power of between 35-40 W, a 1500 mAh battery and a refillable 2 mL tank with protection against liquid leaks. It is a device designed for daily use and that anyone can and will know how to use, with minimal maintenance and very high specifications for its low price, great vapor production and good flavor in each puff. Available in silver. Undoubtedly one of the devices that has given Vaporesso the most joy.


  • Kit with only 99.5 mm in height, 22 mm in diameter of the base and 82 g of weight.
  • Built-in lithium battery with 1500 mAh.
  • 35W-40W power.
  • 2mL capacity tank.
  • EUC (Vaporesso Universal) resistors, easy to change. Ceramic and clapton resistors available. Now also available the EUC CCELL range for nicotine salts.
  • Sleek, leak-free design made from a stainless steel and zinc alloy. Four varieties of colors: silver, black, blue and multi-color or rainbow.
  • MicroUSB charging port, compatible with most smartphones.
  • Easy to wash stainless steel clearomizer with pyrex glass, easy to change and economical in case of breakage.
  • Top air inlet.


  • Vaporesso SOLO kit.
  • Clapton EUC resistance at 0.2ohm.
  • Ceramic EUC resistance 0.3ohm.
  • MicroUSB charging cable.
  • Instructions for use.

Advantages and disadvantages of vaporesso veco solo kit

Advantages over other starter kits

  • It is the best-selling starter kit and the one that has helped the most people to break the habit of smoking.
  • Ideal size to carry in a pocket or bag.
  • Good vapor production and great flavor.
  • Very easy to change resistance, it can be done even with a full tank.
  • Refillable tank from above, convenient for any nozzle or needle.
  • Anti-drip tank , it will hardly leak liquid, even when it is upside down or in a bag.
  • Can be used while charging.
  • Removable and interchangeable mouthpiece.

Advantages over other advanced kits

  • Excellent starter kit, simple to use and maintain. It is only necessary to change the resistance after approximately two weeks of use, depending on the user.
  • Very inexpensive kit with a much more affordable price than any advanced kit, for which you need to buy the mod and the atomizer separately.


  • If it is used very intensively during charging, it can get hot, in this case it is necessary to wait a little between puffs to avoid that too hot steam reaches the mouth.
  • Sometimes during the puff some liquid can get into the mouth, although it is not a bad thing, some people may be bothered.
  • Non-adjustable air outlet, the only way to customize the puff is by testing with different ohmic resistance. EUC clapton resistors produce a more restricted draft than EUC ceramic resistors.

Instructions for use

The first start-up

  • The first time the resistance is installed or whenever a new resistance is installed, it is advisable to wet the cotton in the 4 side openings of the resistance with a drop of liquid. Once the tank has been placed and filled, it is advisable to wait a few minutes for the cotton to soak completely, in this way we will avoid burning the resistance and we will extend its life time.
  • We recommend for beginners, during their first tokes, that they begin to inhale before pressing the button , and release the button before finishing. In this way the steam will be less hot and we will avoid unnecessary coughs.

Veco solo kit Instructions and advice for use

  • In order to fill the tank with liquid, unscrew the upper thread and always fill from the side circumference (close to the pyrex glass) and never from the center.
  • To switch on and off , press the puff button 5 times consecutively. It won't work if you don't do it fast enough.
  • If the led light is white , the battery is above 70%. If the light is blue , the battery is between 30-70% and will turn red below 30% .
  • It is highly recommended to turn it off before putting it in a bag or pocket, to avoid accidentally pressing the button and overheating the machine.
  • Do not press the button if it is not being used.
  • Do not wait for the tank to empty before refilling, if the resistance does not receive enough liquid, it can burn out prematurely and it will be necessary to replace it before time.
  • If we notice a bitter taste it is because it is necessary to change the resistance, some people can progressively get used to the bitterness, be careful not to extend the time of use of the resistance too much.

Change the resistance of Vaporesso Veco Solo Kit

  1. To change the resistance, unscrew below the pyrex glass, in this way we will have separated the clearomizer (mouthpiece and tank) and the mod (battery and electronics). Make upside down to avoid the loss of liquid or the drop in resistance.
  2. We will find a hole in the center, where we will put the resistance.
  3. Before placing the resistance, add a drop of the liquid that we want to use in the side openings of the resistance, where the cotton sticks out. Repeat for all four openings.
  4. Place the EUC resistor so that we see the black ring towards us, we will notice that it fits perfectly.
  5. Before turning it over, replace the mod and screw it properly.
  6. Now we can fill the tank, for this we unscrew above the pyrex glass, once we have the tank uncovered, fill from the side and never from the center, up to approximately 80-90% of the tank. Screw the cap back on.
  7. Wait approximately 5 minutes to make sure that the cotton is perfectly wet.
  8. Your Vaporesso veco solo kit is ready for use.

How long does it take to charge veco solo kit?

Vaporesso veco solo kit has a charging time of approximately one and a half hours and up to two hours when the battery begins to age. Although it can be used while charging, it is preferable to respect the charges for a longer battery life.

Solution to common problems

My veco solo kit blinks

The device is protected against short circuits, so the following situations may occur:

  • When the short circuit occurs before working, the light button flashes for 5 times, and there will be no power output.
  • Low voltage protection : When the battery voltage is less than 3V, the fire button light flashes for 3 hours, and the battery will be locked.
  • Over-vaping protection : when the power button is pressed for more than 10 seconds, the light flashes 3 times and then turns off. The battery will be locked.
  • Low battery protection : when the battery is less than 10%, the light flashes until it disappears completely.

My vaporesso veco solo kit does not work

Sometimes it can happen that the resistance has not been placed properly or the threads are not properly closed, in this case the device will not work. Make sure all parts are correctly positioned.

The steam is very hot

Place your lips around the mouthpiece and not directly on the mouthpiece outlet. It could be that it is being used too intensively and is overheating too much.


Veco alone and the nicotine salts

Now it is possible to vape nicotine salts in your veco solo kit, thanks to the new EUC CCELL Coil vaporesso coils. These 1-ohm resistors restrict the puff to make it a mouth-to-lung puff. In this way we can vape nicotine salts in our veco without the risk of consuming excess nicotine. We will also reduce the consumption of liquid and extend the life of the battery.

Before buying veco solo kit

Vaporesso veco is only a kit designed to get started in the world of vaping and help us stop smoking, so if what you are looking for is a huge cloud of vapor or the most intense vapor experience, this will not be your ideal model. If you want to vape nicotine salts, it is not the right device , with 35W of power the salts are too strong and you would be consuming excess nicotine.

Fabricantes: Vaporesso - ENVaporesso - EN
0,2 Ω - 0,3 Ω
2.0 ml
1500 mAh
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